Find Homestay in Vancouver BC, Canada!

Are you searching for a homestay in Vancouver with a Canadian host family for you or someone else? If you say yes, we would be pleased to help you.

How can we help find a suitable homestay in Vancouver:

We have been assisting international students in finding homestay lodging for many years. We help them get settled with host families in Vancouver BC. Our company has a considerable number of homestays that usually happy to receive international and exchange students and newcomers staying for the long or short term. We utilize new methods to find homestay close to schools and transit routes.

Are you a Vancouver based homestay agency?

Yes, we are a locally based homestay agency in West Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. Vancouver Homestay is part of the International Homestay Agency. IHA is a reputable global organization, and it services many homestay locations throughout Canada, the United States, Australia, and New Zealand.

The agency has helped many agencies and schools place a large number of students. Therefore, we are homestay professionals who can quickly help you with finding and booking excellent homestays for students at a small service fee.

What our homestays in Vancouver offer?

A large percentage of host families in Vancouver share one thing in common. They would like supporting students as they mostly remember being students or newcomers in Vancouver. The majority of them know what kind of support the students and newcomers need to become successful in Canada and settle down in Vancouver BC.

Our host families offer furnished guestrooms at lower prices than other independent living options like high priced furnished apartments or shared accommodations in the city of Vancouver.

Their homestay rates mostly include electricity, heat, hot water, laundry, and wireless high-speed Internet at no extra charge. Most hosts include up to one to three meals per day. Some hosts would instead allow mature students to buy, prepare, and cook their food in their kitchen for a lower homestay cost.

How does our homestay agents support during your stay?

We will assign a homestay coordinator to manage your homestay arrangement. Should you any problem at your homestay, she or he will attempt to assist you in resolving the issue. If the challenge cannot be solved, we will try to move you to another convenient homestay.

Should you have any questions, please contact us. A homestay coordinator will reply quickly to you via email or call you on the phone to answer your questions. We would love to help you with the task of selecting and booking a homestay in Vancouver.