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  Id City/Map City Postal Meal Plan From
19460 Maple Ridge Maple Ridge V2X0T2 Breakfast only 09/01/2018
18942 Vancouver Vancouver V5R4A3 Three meals 06/01/2018
18938 Abbotsford Abbotsford V3G0E7 Three meals 09/11/2017
18890 Burnaby Burnaby V3N2H6 Three meals 09/01/2017
18738 Abbotsford Abbotsford V2T3N2 Breakfast and dinner 08/27/2018
18697 Burnaby Burnaby V3J7K3 Breakfast only 09/01/2017
18684 Langley Langley V1M2N8 Breakfast and dinner 08/22/2017
18658 Kelowna Kelowna V1Y7B9 Breakfast and dinner 11/01/2017
18171 Surrey Surrey V3V5T7 No meals 01/09/2017
17642 Victoria Victoria V9A5P5 Breakfast and dinner 10/01/2017
11377 Richmond Richmond V6Y4L1 Breakfast and dinner 09/01/2018
19540 North Surrey North Surrey V3R0C8 Breakfast and dinner 08/15/2018
19537 Port Coquitlam Port Coquitlam V3C6B1 Three meals 08/14/2018
19536 Abbotsford Abbotsford V2S3H3 Breakfast and dinner 08/30/2018
19529 Maple Ridge Maple Ridge V2X6R5 Three meals 08/12/2018
19527 Surrey Surrey V4N5N1 Breakfast and dinner 09/01/2018
19526 Vancouver Vancouver V5N1J9 Breakfast only 09/01/2018
19525 Burnaby Burnaby V3N2M4 Breakfast only 08/10/2018
19523 New Westminster New Westminster V3M1S1 Breakfast and dinner 08/25/2019
19516 Surrey Surrey V3S2V2 Breakfast and dinner 08/15/2018
Id 19460
City Maple Ridge
Postal V2X0T2
Bus Stop One block away
Adults two
Children two
Pets none
Language at home English
Meal Plan Breakfast only
Accept Smokers No Smoker
Guest Rooms two
Room A - Bed Size Double
Room A - Closet Yes
Room A - Desk & chair Yes
Room A - Bedside table Yes
Room A - TV shared
Room A - Internet Wireless
Hobbies Activities Gardening, watching movies, outdoor activities, sports and spending time with family.
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